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Enchanting Table is a new object added in The Binding of Steve. It can randomly replace Slot Machines.

It has three letters displayed on front of it: B for Bombs, C for Coins and K for Keys. One of them will be highlighted. To pay to the table, you must give it a pickup that is respective to the highlighted letter. Each time, the letter will be changed randomly (12.5% keys, 12.5% bombs, 75% coins) and after giving some donations, it'll give you a random Enchantment that will be chosen from the following list:

Some enchantment needs more donations than others.

Enchantment Name Quote Effect
Protection Get equipped with the Wafer Grants the Wafer effect.
Fire Protection Hazards are now safe Grants immunity to spikes, fire(place), creep, red poop, cursed door and mimics.
Feather Falling Now fly Grants flying.
Blast Protection Cool guys don't look Grants immunity to explosion.
Projectile Protection Get equipped with Infamy Grants the Infamy effect.
Respiration ... Well, I got robbed Grants 1 Soul Heart.
Aqua Affinity Cry more smoothly Add -2 tear delay.
Thorns Don't touch the child ! When the player takes contact damage from an enemy, deals 3 times the player's damage to it.
Depth Strider Running around at the speed of sound Adds 0.3 speed.
Frost Walker Frozone Grants the Aquarius and Ice as items.
Sharpness Yes ! Adds a flat 3 damage.
Smite Meh Adds 0.3 shot speed.
Bane of Arthropods Great... Adds 3 tear height and decreases the tear falling acceleration by 0.02.
Knockback The strongest one When firing a tear, has 25% to make the player fart.
Fire Aspect Get equipped with Fire Mind Grants the Fire Mind effect.
Looting We know it's full of precious booty ! Has 30% chance to change a pickup to its 1+1=free variant.
Sweeping Edge You have something in your eye Divides tear delay by two (rounded down). Makes shooting tear a bit less precise.
Efficiency Mine your own business Makes tear able to destroy rocks.
Silk Touch Preserve rocks Rocks have a chance to drop random pickups upon destroing them.
Unbreaking Classic Adds 2 heart containers.
Fortune More ores Doubles the chances of rocks becoming ores.
Power op pls nerf Multiplies damage by 1.2.
Punch Get equipped with Pisces Grants Pisces as an item.
Flame Get equipped with Ghost Pepper Grants Ghost Pepper as an item.
Infinity Actually 297 Adds 99 coins, bombs and keys.
Luck of the Sea Here, have a Horse shoe, a 4 leaf clover, a leprechaun... Adds +10 Luck.
Lure Aka Void Hole It's complicated
Mending Get equipped with Jumper Cables Grants Jumper Cables as an item.